• Alitzia Tyminski

Artist Feature: COVID-19 Armor

While they may not be medical-grade, check out stunningly, innovative and creative masks customly made by artists and designers on Etsy from Cthulhu to Cyberpunk to Face Hugger.

From top left: Cthulhu Face Mask, Dark Raven Mask, Scale Maille Face Mask, Cyberpunk Helmet, Crucified Mouth Mask, Ox Skull Mask

Artists: UchronicTime (Barcelona, Spain), MementomoriArs (Moscow, Russia), Pixie Shadow Craft (California, USA), CraftMonsterShop (Kharkiv, Ukraine), MemoriaObscura (Basel, Switzerland) MementomoriArs (Moscow, Russia)

From top left: Solid Color Scale Mask, The Keeper Resin Half-Face Gas Mask, Omen Spiked Mask, World Of Warcraft Helmet, Face Hugger Mask, Wolf Skull Mask

Artists: PavonineScales (Massachusetts, USA), IvanKingArtShop (Milan, Italy), OGsquad (Kyiv, Ukraine), CraftsMonsterShop (Kharkiv, Ukraine), DeadDaveDesigns (Texas, USA), OGsquad (Kyiv, Ukraine)

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