• Alitzia Tyminski

Crystals for Your Home Office: Shungite

Like many during the pandemic, I started working remotely from home for the first time. In the last year, I found it to be a challenge to balance my personal time and work being close to home.

After taking various crystal workshops with Joey Wargachuk at Happy Soul Academy, I learned about crystals to keep at your desk to minimize stress and create a protective environment to enhance your workday!

One of my favourite crystals to consider for your workspace and in a time where many of us are homebound is Shungite. Shungite named after a village in Russia, is a protective and grounding crystal.

As a black crystal, shungite supports the root chakra family where it clears blockages and gives a sense of security. Its properties protects and purifies your energy against electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

"Shungite absorbs that which is hazardous to health: pesticides, free radicals, bacteria, viruses, EMF, Wi-Fi, microwaves and other emissions." - (Hall, Pg. 9)

Grounding crystals: Shungite pyramid, Black Obsidian sphere, raw Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz cluster.

Shungite is available in various shapes. When a crystal is in pyramid form, energy is directed in a double helix. A shungite pyramid counteracts headaches and eliminates the physiological effects of stress. (Hall, Pg. 10)

Another way of using shungite in your life is to invest in a round shungite cell phone sticker to place on your smartphone!

When purchasing crystals, you need to ensure your crystals are from a reputable source.

You can find Shungite at the following stores in Toronto, Canada!

Happy Soul Toronto

Shanti Baba

Alternative Thinking

Geologic Gallery

Photography by Alitzia Tyminski


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