• Alitzia Tyminski

Moonlight Desires: DIY Moon Water Bottle

The next full moon is on February 27th, I look forward to every full moon and mark the occasion as a celebrative ritual once a month.

This is a simple trick to make your own DIY moon water bottle!

You can purchase waterproof moon phase decals from Japan by PurrfectlySticky on Etsy. You can apply the waterproof decals on mason jars, glass candle jars and so on!

Glass bottle with cork stopper by Kolya Naturals in Edmonton, Alberta!

I charge water under a full moon to use as a facial spray which gives a natural glow to spritz my face throughout the day and over my makeup, water my plants, to hydrate and many other uses!

Model: Lusciously Lex

Photography: Alitzia Tyminski

Studio: Plant Paradise Loft