• Alitzia Tyminski

Get Your Vitamin D On

Hey Canada! Help make Vitamin D available for everyone!

Photograph & Video by Walker Jordan

Meghan Telpner and Josh Gitalis are Holistic Nutritionists based in Toronto, Canada. Meghan Telpner is the founder of Academy of Culinary Nutrition and author of The Undiet Cookbook: 130 Gluten-Free Recipes For A Healthy Awesome Life and Undiet: Eat Your Way To Vibrant Health. Meghan and Josh host a podcast called Today Is The Day.

They have created an initiative called Vitamin D Hub to promote awareness about the benefits of Vitamin D and a need for distribution to vulnerable populations in Canada and globally to be part of the public health policy during the pandemic and beyond.

40% - 75% of the world's population is estimated to be vitamin D deficient.

There is a sample letter available for download for Canadians to contact their local Member Of Parliament and City Councillor in Toronto to support this initiative.

The Vitamin D Hub is not taking donations directly but have resources available on their website to download and encourage individuals and communities to donate Vitamin D to their local community.

Vitamin D is already made available to vulnerable populations in the UK. Scotland and Ireland have been calling on their government to make change recommendations on Vitamin D.

Dosage information can be found on their website.