• Alitzia Tyminski

Happy New Year: Virtual Events to Kick Off 2021!

2021 Lunar Desk Calendar by The Creative Spark Studio. Photograph by Alitzia Tyminski

Spiritually Balanced

A Taste Of Intuition - January 5th - 8th 2021, 3pm - 4pm EST Free via Zoom

Devin Grindrod, a trauma-informed yoga instructor, reiki master and medium with a B.A. in Psychology is currently offering a free 4 day workshop on how to connect with our intuition.

What You'll Learn:

• How to read someone's energy • Energetic Boundaries • Spiritual Hygiene; maintaining your energy • How your intuition communicates with you • Meditations to connect with Spirit • Exercises to strengthen your relationship with your intuition.

International Practitioners Of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)

IPHM Fest - January 9th & 10th 2021 - 8:30am - 7:30pm GMT (UK Time) - Free via Zoom

IPHM accredited training providers and therapists will be hosting free classes and talks from everything from meditation to sobriety, hypnosis to crystals and everything in between! Joey Wargachuk will be doing a free Manifesting Success with Clear Quartz Manifestation at 7:15am EST!


Coach Thrive

Hosted by Christina Smith, a Personal Development Coach, Author & Speaker. Tune in for a connection, visualization and a short ritual for the first new moon of 2021!

January 12th 2021 - 6pm PST/9pm EST Free via Zoom

You can also sign up for New Moon Circle events on Feb 11, March 13 and April 4th!


For a guided meditation on the first new moon of 2021 in Capricorn, join Holistika on January 13th 2021 - 8:30pm EST, $10 via Zoom!

Holistika is providing soul coaching and a distant reiki session special until February, check out their Instagram!

Sky Schools

Meditation and breathwork every Tuesday 7:30pm - 8:30pm EST Free via Zoom

Working with our breath brings an immediate reduction of stress, increases focus, lowers our cortisol, helps us sleep better and builds resilience! Join SKY Schools every Tuesday night!

Download the Sky Daily Reset app for free:

Brooklyn Meditation

Brooklyn Meditation is a centre in Park Slope that is currently offering free virtual guided meditation via Zoom for all ages from children to older adults. Subscribe to their YouTube channel ChamMeditationTv.

Brooklyn Meditation has an upcoming event Valentine's Day Meditation Retreat on Friday February 13th 2021 from 2pm to 5pm EST.

To RSVP go to

Linda Kang - Spark Then Ignite

Linda Kang is a shamanic healing educator, reiki healer, yoga instructor and teaches mobility at Fit Factory Fitness!

January 13th 2021 7:30pm - 9pm EST via Zoom, $25 - A new year's cleansing using the energy of the New Moon! This session will include light movement to open energy centres, journaling, meditation/visualizations and a shamanic extraction. A prep is required for you, reach out to Linda asap.

January 20th 2021 (1.5hrs) via Zoom, $25 - You've cleared out the old, have meditated on life direction and are manifesting your dreams! To offer you support for this next phase of your life, Linda will retrieve a new Power Animal for each of you. You will also receive some instruction on how to use the medicine your guide offers and how to harness its power.

Contact Linda at to register.

The John Joseph Discipline Method

John Joseph is an Ironman, motivational speaker & coach, author of the The PMA Effect and many others and musician. In 2021, he launched The John Joseph Discipline Method and is currently offering a 10-step method live class where he will kickstart your success in any area of your life personally and professionally starting Friday January 15th, 22nd & 29th 2021 via Zoom 7:30pm - 9pm EST. Classes are also offered in February and this spring!

For more information and to register go to!

Free Fortunes Thursdays

I discovered this event on New Year's Eve and had a personal reading done by tarot master Major Tom Schick and his student!

Book your private session for free via Zoom 7:30pm-8:30pm CST/8:30pm-9:30pm EST on selected Thursdays: Jan 7, Jan 14, Jan 21, Jan 28 and Feb 4th 2021.

The Shamanic Journey with Glenn Campbell

I was drawn to study core shamanism after seeing a shamanic healer Linda Kang in 2020. A former elementary school principal and teacher for over 30 years, Glenn Campbell is a shamanic practitioner and offers workshops on core shamanism.

The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge & Power January 16th & January 23rd 2021 - 10am - 1:30pm EST via Zoom