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Interview with Maria Czesznak: Crystals For Nurses

Interview with Maria Czesznak a Registered Nurse, Health Coach & Crystal Healer on her journey with crystals, implementing a crystal healing therapy program for dementia at a long-term care facility and crystal recommendations for nurses!

Reign In Health: What was your first experience working with crystals?

Maria Czesznak: At the time, I did not even know I was working with crystals consciously. When my grandson was born (he is already four now), he was so restless and had trouble with sleeping. We tried everything. I then did my research and accidently in a health magazine they were advertising hazelwood necklaces with crystals.

Hazelwood was used by the Indigenous for healing purposes for tooth pain, eczema and so on. I said why don't I just don't try, what can I lose? I went to a small pharmacy that was selling crystals in Etobicoke, I bought a small baby necklace with Hematite for my grandson and then we put it on.

We were hoping for the best that he would settle a little bit. I was reading that Hematite was calming for the mind and it's good against negative energy. I don't know if it was really helping, we saw some kind of improvement and the baby liked touching the necklace.

After my second grandchild was born (she is one now), I bought for all my grandchildren a set of crystals with Amethyst, Howlite and Selenite. I put them in a little bag and placed them in corner of their pillow to promote better night rest for them. Howlite is calming and good against nightmares.

Reign In Health: That is such helpful information for all parents! I can’t believe you’re a grandmother you look incredibly young!

Maria Czesznak: Thankful for the vegan diet. [Laughs]

Reign In Health: In addition to being a Registered Nurse and Health Coach, what inspired you to become a Crystal Healer Practitioner?

Maria Czesznak: I’m always a person who likes to approach every problem from different aspects. Medicine is one thing. I also finished my Diabetes Educator program but I never find medicine itself was giving the healing for my clients and whomever I met with.

I always find with medicine, naturopathic doctors or using sound healing, good nutrition, everybody can work together, the outcome is far better than just isolating certain areas and fields.

You can be the best doctor but if your client is not eating better and not getting advice how to eat properly, they won’t heal. Actually, I believe the body heals when you give the best nutrition and everything what the body needs, then they are self-healing. They can heal if you're providing the best gasoline to promote and give the best nutrition.

I think crystal healing was something I got really interested in. These ancient stones are carrying so much energy and they’re so beautiful. Just to have something, even if you look at how calming they are, that already helps with healing. If you believe in that I think that’s the most important thing.

Reign In Health: Why should nurses consider working with crystals?

Maria Czesznak: You have to give hope and believe for your patients. With terminally ill people, they already lost that. If this helps for them just to hold on, just to decrease their anxiety, that already promotes healing.

When your mind is a little bit more settled and calm, whether you use it together with meditation, use in your yoga session or just lying on the floor, having the right crystals in your hands and on your forehead; I believe that brings healing for people.

"You have to give hope and believe for your patients."

Reign In Health: This has been a challenging time for many including healthcare workers, what crystals do you recommend for stress?

Maria Czesznak: For stress, I use Black Tourmaline. I have so many black bracelets on my arm. [Laughs]

When nurses are working with so many sick people, there is a lot of negative energies going on, it’s very stressful. There is not enough time, there is not enough resources, there is not enough nurses, there are always more sick people than they like to have.

I find this really helps me to keep my cool, to see things from a different perspective and not to lose it daily. [Laughs] It helps to keep away the negative energy. It also helps to eliminate environmental toxins. I also use Shungite as a bracelet on my arm because wifi is all around me, there is a lot of electric resonances going on, I use this to protect my body.

When I have them on, I actually do not have headaches like I used to. There are too many computers around me, that's why I'm using this. I am lucky in my work I can use bracelets.

If you cannot use bracelets, you can use crystals as a necklace under your clothes, a little stone in your pocket or put it in your bra. Usually it’s best when it’s connecting with your skin. I like using bracelets, you can put on different stones. I wear a Sodalite bracelet for my thyroid condition.

"When nurses are working with so many sick people, there is a lot of negative energies going on, it's very stressful. There is not enough time, there is not enough resources, there is not enough nurses, there are always more sick people than they like to have. I find this really helps me to keep my cool, to see things from a different perspective and not to lost it daily."

Reign In Health: I also had a thyroid condition, hyperthyroidism and worked with a naturopath and it’s now normal.

Maria Czesznak: I believe in orthomolecular medicine, it’s helped me a lot. I’m not seeing doctors regularly for sure. [Laughs]

Reign In Health: What crystals do you recommend for nurses that would benefit them in their place of field?

Maria Czesznak: One of them would be Amethyst. It’s very calming, it’s also helps with healing. Nurses are surrounded by lots of sickness and Amethyst can help block all the germs, protects you to not get sick and helps to improve your immune system. It’s beautiful and it’s good for stress.

A universal and very important crystal everybody should have one everywhere in your car, in your purse, in your bra is Clear Quartz. That really helps with so many conditions, the quartz is the basic crystal everyone should have, it also protects your aura from all the negativity, amplifying other crystals energy what you’re wearing or what’s around you. As I’ve said it helps protect you from disease and infections.

"A universal and very important crystal everybody should have everywhere in your car, in your purse, in your bra is Clear Quartz."

Reign In Health: Do you have a story you would like to share using crystals in your line of work?

Maria Czesznak: I am working in a long term facility, it’s a special unit for people with dementia, these are the people other long term care homes are not accepting at present because of their behaviour which is related to their dementia.

There are certain situations when you’ve already tried everything there is really nothing else to try. We are actually going to start a project with my involvement, where we are trying to use Howlite for dementia with a bracelet on their ankles where they cannot remove it and place Amethyst in their room. We are also using essential oils for hand massages and sound therapy.

I think this is a very holistic approach to this terminal illness and it’s devastating. When the disease has really progressed there is really nothing else to do, nothing to help.

Sometimes medications do not help, they try everything and it doesn’t work. Now we’re going to try this and let’s see how it works. It’s very difficult to have management get involved with this or get support because it’s not widely accepted in medicine, it's still something where they look at you and think this is a kind of witchcraft. [Laughs]

Reign In Health: That's incredible they're allowing you to implement crystal therapy into the program!

Maria Czesznak: They really can’t say anything, nothing else works. There is really nothing to lose to try, you can only win.

"There is really nothing to lose to try, you can only win."

Reign In Health: While crystals do not substitute medical treatment, how can crystals benefit someone on their journey in healing?

Maria Czesznak: First of all, crystals and any other complimentary medicine/treatment I would not recommend when you have an acute illness, a fracture or when you are really hurt. You have to go and see the doctor. If you have a fractured leg, you go to the emergency, don’t go your naturopathic doctor or crystal healer that's not going to solve the problem.

But with other conditions, you work together with your doctor. Crystal healing can help you and support you in the way it can decrease side effects or decrease anxiety, with the help of your doctor you can maybe gradually decrease the medications.

I don’t want to say the placebo effect, but many times when people really believe in something, when you really believe your stone is doing magic with you that actually makes a difference.

Always work with your healthcare provider. You can discuss with the doctor. I've had people in the family practice that are open minded and try a different approach to help heal themselves. Doctors are accepting. Work with your doctor and be open.

"Work with your doctor and be open."

Reign In Health: I love how you said crystals gives hope and you can set an intention to help in your healing.

Maria Czesznak: I think mainly help and the hope in the healing, that’s what really I find important. Also nobody can say there are no effects in crystals. I know when I’m using my Selenite harmonizers, I feel the tingling in my hands. There is obviously things going on. For people on the street who don’t understand nursing, they don’t understand crystal healing, they don’t understand the message how those can heal me. I don’t even know how I got here honestly. [Laughs]

My co-workers are always asking, ”Oh Maria, what do you think?" and "What kind of crystals should I wear for this?". I am always helping them to select bracelets they can pair together.

I like this way to work. I like medicine, I love my work and my job but I also like to use other ways to help people, support them and give them peace.

Reign In Health: You are a healer, as a healer you use everything possible in healing your clients with every modality. Thank you and your colleagues for the work you do.

Maria Czesznak: Thank you. I really hope other nurses are going to feel the same way, start learning about crystals and we all can use for other’s benefit.

"I really hope other nurses are going to feel the same way, start learning about crystals and we can all use for other's benefit."

Recommended Crystals by Maria Czesznak available at Happy Soul Toronto!

  • Howlite - Alleviates nightmares, calming, sleep aid, dementia

  • Hematite - Calming for the mind, absorbs and transforms negative energy

  • Black Tourmaline - Stress, eliminates negative energy, protective

  • Shungite - Electromagnetic stress, wifi, protective against electromagnetic frequencies

  • Amethyst - Stress, dementia, improves the immune system, sleep aid, healing

  • Clear Quartz - Stress, protects the aura, clears energy, amplifies other crystals

  • Sodalite - Thyroid

Interview by Alitzia Tyminski / Reign In Health