• Alitzia Tyminski

Looks That Kill: DIY Facial Oil

I discovered an all natural hydrating DIY Facial Oil recipe by the ever so lovely Kris Carr best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Juice and wellness activist.

You simply need a dark glass bottle with a liquid dropper and ingredients you can use in your kitchen, body care and home as well! I found a glass skull liquid dropper bottle on Etsy (unfortunately the shop has closed) which is now used in my daily skin care routine!

The recipe calls for red raspberry oil, borage oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and jojoba oil. I squeeze a borage oil capsule for this recipe. They also provide natural vitamins, minerals and SPF!

When creating your own skincare blends, choose the highest-quality natural products and save money by buying in bulk. (Kris Carr)

Nearing 37 and constantly mistaken for being in my early 20s, I have learned through trial and error what works for my skin throughout the years. Less chemicals is more ladies! There is no need to spend $300 at Sephora! I have used Proactiv, Body Shop etc. and they always made my skin break the f*ck out into redness, dryness and cystic acne! My skin is better now than it was in my 20s.

The rule of thumb is you would not eat your skincare products would you? Strive for clean natural ingredients, read between the lines on products and make your own! That way you know exactly what's going on your skin, your skin and Mother Earth will thank you! :)


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