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Looks That Kill: The Art Of Dry Brushing

When I was a student at the Institute Of Holistic Nutrition, I discovered the art of dry


How does dry brushing relate to your health and the environment?

Our skin eliminates nearly 1⁄4 of our own toxins every day and creates a new top layer of skin every 24 hours. Dry skin brushing removes the old top layer and lets a clean new layer come to the surface.

The skin is one of the five main elimination channels of the body, throwing off about two pounds of toxic material each day in the form of perspiration. The skin has been called the third kidney because of its ability to rid the body of toxic waste. (Jensen, 118)

Note the powder that comes off your skin as you brush. These are crystals of uric acid and other dried waste products that came out with perspiration. (Jensen, 118)

Dry skin brushing is recommended daily and best done in the morning or evening before a shower or bath at least 3 to 4 times a week. I like to dry brush while watching something on Netflix before a bath which makes it seem more effortless and you can take your time!

Skin dry brushing also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite! Toxins are stored in fat and when we dry brush, it helps to eliminate toxins.

Other benefits include increased energy, improved circulation and softening of the skin.

There are cruelty-free dry brushes such as Hyssop Beauty Apothecary. Others are made with boar hairs. Dry brushes can be found at your local health food store.

P. Jenstschura is a German brand that makes an 'energy brush' using fine bronze bristles with copper and zinc.

How To Dry Brush by Joy McCarthy, a Holistic Nutritionist and author of Joyous Health & Joyous Detox based in Toronto, Canada.


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